Over 1 Million Trees are in Need


Supporting Partner

National Forest FOundation

Annie is deeply passionate about doing her part to protect our planet. 

The design/construction industry is one of the top three users of water and wood in the world.  Deforestation is the second cause of too much carbon in our atmosphere, leading to climate change.

While at a Continuing Education Unit, she learned that 1 mature tree = 10 air conditioners running 24/7 for one year.  That fact inspired Annie to do her part by donating a percentage of her profits to planting trees. 

Home Design by Annie has proudly become a Small Business partner with the National Forest Foundation, whose goal is to plant 50 million trees in our nation’s forests.

Find out more about this organization visit their website.



ASID, Allied Member

ASID interior designers have the training and expertise to manage all the details of your project. They know the importance of listening to your ideas and understanding your needs. From consultation to planning to the finishing touches, they can help you every step of the way, explaining your choices and adding value to your budget.

In addition to its many publications, ASID offers members continuing education opportunities. This means that ASID designers receive the most current information on appropriate materials, technology, building codes, government regulations, health and safety standards, design psychology, and product performance.

The oldest and largest professional organization for interior designers. All ASID members agree to abide by the Society’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

Allied Member: To qualify for Allied membership, the applicant must be able to provide proof of completing 40 semester hours or 60 quarter hours of interior design education from an accredited institution.


10 Years of BUsiness

Annie is so proud to be celebrating her 10th year in business!  She is indefinitely grateful for the continuous support and trust from her clients, colleagues, friends, and family.  It’s such a gift to do what you love every day!



Cedia Electronic Lifestyles National Award for Home Theater Design
ASID Honorable Mention for Home Theater Design
ASID First Place for Kitchen Design